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2016-07-26 Surge Protectors

I have read about, discussed and experienced how surge protectors work and don’t work, and have written about it before, but Ill try again to explain. Ripoff The most egregious thing surge protectors do is take your money. One of the highest, if not the highest profit margin devices in your home is a surge

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2016-07-19 Vaccines And Autism

This is my opinion and does not represent anyone else’s opinion. I seldom discuss politics here, but this political problem puts the whole world population at risk. Contagious diseases know no borders, do not discriminate, and are equal opportunity killers in all countries. They are helped by people who think they are doing good, but

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2016-07-13 Bar Code Scanners

The thought comes to mind about why do the scanners at the checkout counters use a red laser light to illuminate the UPC barcodes (history and technical data here). I can point my phone camera at the QR codes on advertising and it will read the ‘barcode’. The camera doesn’t need a laser, it just

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2016-07-11 Bad Science By Goldacre

I got this Bad Science book by Goldacre last week, and I’ve been reading it. It was published about a decade ago, so some things have since changed. It is a paperback book. He points out how the pseudoscience supporters go about this, and the mistakes in their logic.

2016-07-10 Schematics – How To Catalog

I wander the Internet and often collect schematics of things I want to learn more about, or want to build.  I have generated many hundreds myself, many of which I have built.  I must have thousands, and hundreds of megabytes of them on the PC.  I just put them in folders inside of folders and

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2016-07-03 Watching the Third of July Fireworks

Hundreds of us gather in the local park to watch fireworks a block away at the Stadium on the 3rd of July. One would think that since it’s not the 4th, it wouldn’t be crowded.  Not so.  No parking spaces, so it’s wise to walk.  And if you do park, it’s a 15 minute wait

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