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2016-05-28 The Five For A Dollar Toroid Core Is Back

A few years ago the Joule Thief fans and others built many projects with a very popular toroid core that was sold from Electronic Goldmine, a surplus electronics company, for the affordable price of five for a dollar.  Eventually the supply was all sold and it was no longer available.  The stock # was G6683.

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2016-05-21 Monocular Mount For Phone Camera

I went through something like this last year, and I looked around online for something to solve the problem.  But I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like almost all of them for one reason or another.  Usually it was due to cheap, flimsy plastic.  So I began again with the intent to solve

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2016-05-16 Tape Wound Toroid Core From Surplus Sales

Long ago I built DC-DC converters using a toroid made with tape wound core. The cores were about 2 inches O.D. and we used regular 12 AWG solid insulated house wire for the primary windings. Even so, these cores vibrated a lot at several hundred Hz, making a screeching noise. I saw some very small

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2016-05-11 WW2 Bomb Flaw Changed The Course Of History

I watched the Nova episode Hitler’s Supergun on PBS tonight.  It was one of the most interesting I’ve seen. During World War II, Hitler built a huge bunker in France to house superguns that could shoot explosive bullets 80 miles, to London.  The allies saw this on surveillance photos and targeted the huge underground bunker

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