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2016-02-23 Joule Thief With Daylight Shutoff

I designed my Blue Blinky with a daylight shutoff, using a LED as the light sensor and an additional transistor to amplify the minuscule current that the LED puts out.  This worked just great because there is the point across the timing capacitor where the current is very low, and it takes very little current

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2016-02-20 Charge Car Battery Faster

I needed to pick some grapefruit from the tree, and I borrowed the picker pole from a friend.  I put it in my Civic and got home, took it out and picked some ruby red grapefruit.  Man, were they Delicious! So Monday I got in the car, and CLICK!  It wouldn’t start.  Then I noticed

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2016-02-16 Daylight LED Light Prices

I had to go to the big box home improvement store yesterday, and although I didn’t find the screws I was looking for, I did find that they had LED lights on pallets. I saw both warm white and daylight LED lights of the ‘stick’ kind, I believe one maker calls them bright sticks.  I

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2016-02-01 Interactive Sound Art Of Peter Vogel

I saw this Make: article on Facebook, and watched the video.  His short wiki is here.  I find this guy extremely fascinating, because he is doing what I wanted to do decades ago.  I think if I had known about him decades ago, I would have been very tempted to contact him and try to

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