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2015-11-30 Low Power Joule Thief With Daylight Shutoff

This has been blogged, here and here.  I added a CdS photocell (resistor with a circle around it) to shut it off during daylight, thus conserving the AAA cell.  I used a 100k resistor for the base bias, so it draws very low current from the cell.  I can then call this a low power

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2015-11-28 Recharging From Used Alkalines

I have often seen schematics of Joule Thief chargers for use in charging Ni-MH rechargeables from used alkaline cells.  The idea is to boost the voltage of the used alkaline cell up to high enough to get current the flow into the Ni-MH cell.  One setback is that conventional JTs are only 50% efficient, so

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2015-11-24 AT&T or at&t Article

The day after tomorrow is turkey day, and I have been trying to read some online things but I keep getting distracted. One article I found on Investopedia is about at&t, as its logo is now spelled, but was known as AT&T for more than a century.  The article gives a bit of at&t’s history

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2015-11-18 Flashlights Continued

After the 2015-10-26 blog, I searched for some other websites selling small flashlights and ended up at, which is a part of Deal Extreme,  I also found some reviews of other, cheaper flashlights, two of which were the Brinyte and the Tank007. On I found and ordered the the package called ‘Mini

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2015-11-12 Pedal Power Your Home

I have been into this kind of stuff for quite a while.  You can search my blog for more on this. It’s difficult for even the strongest  of bicyclists to put out 100 watts for a few minutes, let alone an hour.  Assuming that a person could pedal a 100% efficient 50 watts for an

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