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2015-10-30 LED Nightlights Are Poor Design

I found these at a Walmart store.  They’re named Great Value and came in a package of four nightlights.  As usual, curiosity made me open it up to see the circuit inside. I traced the circuit and drew a schematic of it.  I was disappointed, but not surprised.  The way the CdS photocell works is

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2015-10-29 Joule Thief Brightness Measurements

It’s been awhile since I blogged this, so I may be saying what I’ve already said before.  But I get comments from others about how to make measurements of the LED brightness.  A recent one is in the comments of an older blog.  Many Joule Thief builders don’t have the minimum tools needed for some

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2015-10-26 Flashlights Fenix E01, LD01, LD02, ITP EOS A3

This blog continues at 2015-11-18… I just finished looking online at Fenix LD01 and E01 flashlights (torches).  I was shocked when I found the prices of the LD01 have skyrocketed to $42.  I looked at the LD02 and found it also uses a single AA cell, but it has a push on, push off switch

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2015-10-22 Brother MFC-L2700DW All In One

Earlier this year I bought a Brother MFC-2700DW all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax from Staples for $170.  My plan was the scan in the many photographs that my family took in the previous century.  I didn’t know at that time that my sister had thousands of pictures more of her family that she wanted digitized.  And I didn’t

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2015-10-12 Too Many Ferrite Beads

Well, I’m going to receive a package from Electronic Goldmine with a bag of 800 ferrite beads.  They’re made by Fair-Rite, type 2643000801, which is type 43 ferrite material.  This is a medium mu material, for frequencies in the 100 to 300 MHz range. But type 43 works okay for JTs as long as there

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