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2019-10-05 Huge Corcom Filters For RFI

from FB group post to Building Transistor Radios 2019 Oct 5 I spent quite a bit of time adding filtering to my 0 to 30VDC, 10A SMPS to get rid of the RF interference. It was successful, I got rid of most of it, but not all. So I think I found the solution. This

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2019-04-21 Adjustable Switching Power Supply RFI Suppression

I’ve been experimenting with a switching power supply I got for $51.00, Model QW-MS3010D. It puts out 0 to 30VDC at 0 to 10 amps, adjustable voltage and current limiting. As would be expected, it puts out a lot of RF interference. I’m using an old Motorola AM radio as the receiver. I set the

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